Detailed Features

Make Your Game, Play Your Game


S2ENGINE HD is an advanced next-gen rendering engine

All the latest rendering techniques are integrated and just ready to use without any effort: HDR, Deferred Rendering, PBR, IBL, dynamic reflections, hardware instancing, mesh LODs, Area lights, shadowmap cache, Dynamic lights and shadows, screen-space ambient occlusion, soft particles.


  • HDR Bloom
  • Customizable filmic tone-mapping
  • Sharpen
  • Lens flares
  • Screen-space global illumination and ambient occlusion
  • Screen-space reflections with variable roughness
  • Lens distorsion and aberration
  • Advanced contrast control
  • Vibrance and saturation control
  • Color balance and color Levels control


  • Rain
  • Thunders
  • Wind
  • Humidity Level
  • Puddles level
  • Cutscene editor integration


  • Multi-threaded FFT simulation
  • Gerstner simulation for local shore waves
  • Vertex displacement with Automatic LOD
  • Multi-layered tiled normalmaps
  • Subsurface scattering
  • Foam system
  • Realtime reflections
  • Refraction with Chromatic aberration
  • Water density


  • HDR
  • Completely procedural
  • Physically based Atmospheric Scattering
  • Night & Day cycle
  • Dynamic Clouds
  • Volumetric Clouds
  • Billboard Clouds
  • Highly parametrizable


Use in-editor tools for creating and populating terrains

S2ENGINE HD integrates all the most advanced tools for generating and editing terrains. You will be able to design beautiful terrains, rich of vegetation, rivers and lakes in minutes.


  • In-editor sculpting
  • In-editor Texture splatting
  • Heightmap importing
  • Vegetation painting
  • Roads editor
  • Rivers editor
  • Fences editor


  • Global colormap
  • Automatic Global Normalmap On-The-Fly Generation
  • Terrain Ambient Occlusion
  • Automatic CLOD
  • More than 4 splatting layers
  • Advanced layers blending


  • Specialized shaders
  • Foam computed by slope
  • Reflection / refraction
  • Inside / outside rendering
  • Generated In-editor with paths
  • Caustics


  • Terrain Heightmap adapting
  • Procedural wind-based movement
  • Splatting On Terrain
  • Color variance basing on position


S2ENGINE HD lets you bring your game to life in no time

S2ENGINE HD is provided with a lot of tools that simplify the animation of all game elements. All these tools are based on a rich foundation of physics and A.I. functionalities just ready to be used in your projects without efforts.

Support for physics rigid bodies, ragdolls, vehicles, water buoyancy, navigation meshes, path-finding, steering-behaviours, tactical point helpers and functions is integrated and doesn’t require additional plug-ins.


All in one solution for modern game development

Every aspect of game development can be addressed using the rich foundation of tools S2ENGINE HD provides. From the editing of the user interface and game logic to the editing of post-processing effects you can have the complete control of your product. All assets can be inspected and modified on-the-fly if necessary.


  • Visual Editor
  • Integrated with Visual node-based logic editor “GameMachine”
  • Scriptable
  • Used for Both Engine Editor and Games HUD
  • Rich components foundation


  • Spline Curve editor
  • Animate almost everything
  • Cutscenes can be played by GameMachine
  • Cutscenes can be played by Script
  • Cutscene can be played by Triggers
  • Can send events to GameMachine
  • Can Instantiate objects


  • Innovative visual logic stystem
  • Integrated node-based editor
  • Multi-layered Finite State machine based
  • Events driven
  • Advanced Animation blending system integrated
  • Game Designers compliant
  • Rich node classes foundation


S2ENGINE HD is designed to be compliant with game industry standard assets managing. For example you can import your asset directly into the editor using Drag ‘n’ Drop

Support for all the most used 3d model formats in the game industry like: FBX, COLLADA, 3DS, OBJ

S2ENGINE HD support a wide variety of texture formats meeting the needs of every content creator: TGA, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, DDS

WAV sound format is used for audio files