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Welcome to S2ENGINE HD 1.4.5 FREE BETA
donwload page

Before downloading S2Engine we ask you to answer 7 simple questions. Don’t worry, no personal information is required by you, except your name. We only want to understand what are you looking for and what could we do for you.

At the end of  this survey your email address is required in order to let us sending you the download link and eventually future news about S2ENGINE.

NOTE: The version to be downloaded here (1.4.5) is a previous, very old, FREE BETA version. It is useful just for helping you to enter the amazing world of S2ENGINE HD. It doesn’t represent the final quality of the Steam version, available since 2016.

Some people have encountered problems in running this engine version. About 95% have had problems with Physx library. If you aren’t able to start the engine TRY to uninstall the Physx Drivers AND re-install Physx drivers 9.10.0513

Enjoy and thank you for your patience

Why are you interested in making games?

How long is your experience as game developer?

What is your skill?

Still few questions: What engine did you mainly use, if any?

What feature do you want a game engine must absolutely have?

Why are you interested in S2Engine HD?

We have almost finished. Last question: How did you hear about S2Engine HD?

Thank you for your time.
You will receive a download link of S2ENGINE HD 1.4.5 on the email address you insert below.
Inserting an email address below you accept to give us permission to send you news and promotions about S2ENGINE HD.

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