S2ENGINE HD  1.4.6
Official manual about S2Engine HD editor and programming
Getting Started

Playing with The Demo Project

First time you open S2ENGINE it asks you if you want to create a new project or loading an existing one.
There is a project provided with the basic package called SampleProject. As showed into the following image, to open the sample project, click on sampleProject.s2p:


The last 3 scenes associated with the loaded project are showed.
In the case of sample project there is only one scene called MyTerrain_FPS.
Click on the scene preview icon, as showed into the following image:


After scene loading, you should see somthing like the following image:


Press F5 shortcut to start the game from the current camera position. It is an example of FPS made using the visual scripting node-based system GameMachine.


  • w,a,s,d: move
  • Left mouse button: shoot
  • Right mouse button: aim
  • Spacebar: jump
  • Shift + w,a,s,d: run
  • Mouse move: rotate
If you want to load a project that doesn't appear into the startup dialog click on cancel and goto File->Open Project... as showed into the following image:
The file dialog will appear. Choose the project file to load.
Our example project resides inside the ver_1_4_6/SampleProject (or ../SampleProject) folder. Choose SampleProject.s2p file and click on Open button as showed into the following image:

Third Person Control

Inside the sample project there is a prefab containing a character using a GameMachine for third person control.
To play with it, instead of the FPS character, follow the instructions below:

  • First we have to delete the FPS player
  • Select the FPS player from the current scene. You can click on it directly inside the scene viewport or select the character01 itam of the Active list:

  • Click on selectHierarchy button as showed into the following image:

  • To delete selected objects Press DEL key or click on delete button as showed into the following image:

  • Now we have to insert the third person character
  • Open the Prefabs browser as showed into the following image:

  • Choose Character/Player folder. You will see something like the following image, drag player.so2 icon into the scene viewport:

    When placing the character into the scene take care it is upon the terrain, otherwise it will fall down.
    In the case character fall down:
  • Click on the freeze button:

  • Select the character
  • Select the Translate tool

  • Move it up until it is on terrain

  • Press F5 shortcut to start the game from the current camera position.


  • w,a,s,d: move character
  • Mouse move: rotate camera \ select weapon in menu
  • Right mouse button: aim
  • Left mouse button: shoot (only when aiming)
  • Spacebar: weapon menu

Creating New Scene

Before creating a new Scene you must have a project loaded.
See Project to learn how to create a new project.

To Create a new scene select File->New... on the main menu as showed into the following image:


Alternatively you can:

  • Open the Scenes Browser by clicking the icon on the right of the project panel
  • Click right mouse button
  • Select New File... on the appearing dropdown menu

    The NewSceneDialog will appear. It lets you to open an existing scene or create a new one.

You can change:

  1. The name you want to apply to the new scene and press Enter to accept the name written.
  2. Extensions of the new scene, i.e. the length of one side (you must insert it in centimeters, on the right you will see the value in meters).