S2ENGINE HD  1.4.6
Official manual about S2Engine HD editor and programming


  1. What operating systems does S2Engine HD support?
    Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (not yet tested). LINUX and MACOS are scheduled for future releases

  2. What platforms S2ENGINE HD supports?
    PC. MAC scheduled for future releases.

  3. Where can I find S2ENGINE HD?
    On STEAM.

  4. How much does It cost?
    S2ENGINE HD basic edition will have a cost of 19.99$.

  5. I have to pay a monthly subscription?
    Absolutely NO. To obtain S2ENGINE HD user license you must pay only ONCE.

  6. I've made my game using S2ENGINE HD, I have to pay ROYALTIES for every sold copy of my game?
    Absolutely NO. Once you bought your license of S2ENGINE HD you are free to make all games you want without paying anything else.

  7. What graphics cards are compatible with S2Engine HD specs?
    All NVIDIA Geforce and AMD Radeon that supports OpenGL 3.2 specs, and INTEL HD 4000 or superior cards.

  8. What scripting language does S2Engine HD support?
    S2Engine HD support S2Scripting language, a propretary language very similar to C.

  9. What 3d formats does S2Engine HD support?
    S2Engine HD supports FBX, OBJ, DAE, X, 3DS, and all formats compatible with Assimp library.

  10. What image formats does S2Engine HD support?
    For now S2Engine HD supports TGA, DDS, TIF, PNG file formats

  11. What audio formats does S2Engine HD support?
    For now WAV format

  12. Does S2Engine HD support HDR?
    Yes, it does.

  13. Does S2Engine HD support physics?
    Yes, it uses NVIDIA PHYSX.

  14. Does S2Engine HD support multiplay?
    Not for now. BUT Multiplay support is scheduled for very near future releases

  15. What kind of games can be developed using S2ENGINE HD?
    Virtually all, but the best results can be achieved developing action/adventure games just like FPS, third person action games, survival horrors, hack'n'slash.

  16. Has S2engine HD a tool for editing in-game cinematics?
    Yes, It has a cutscene editor.

  17. Does S2Engine HD support inverse kinematics?
    Not for now, but it is scheduled for future releases

  18. Does S2Engine HD support terrains?
    Yes. It has an easy-to-use and powerful terrain editor.

  19. How large can be terrains?
    S2Engine HD supports terrain up to 8km x 8km (64 squared Kilometers)

  20. Does S2Engine HD support multiple projects?
    Yes. It does.

  21. Has S2Engine HD any kind of assets managing?
    Yes. Every project contains its own assets that can be managed in s2engine editing tool.

  22. S2Engine lets you export to android and ios?
    No, this possibility isn't scheduled for now.


  1. Is the C++ framework provided separately?
    Yes. With a small additional cost.

  2. How much it will cost the additional C++ framework?
    It will have the cost of 19.99$