S2ENGINE HD  1.4.6
Official manual about S2Engine HD editor and programming
Known Issues


  • Impostors cannot have the save material of another knid of object
  • Terrainmesh cannot have the same material of a meshobject
  • When sculpting terrain or editing roads scene entities must be freezed
  • When editor application is minimized and then maximized, it crashes.
  • Editor crashes if you publish the project without closing all the scenes.
  • Publishing operation blocks the editor until it finishes.
  • When you try to add an object (grass clump or decal) by drag and drop to a newly created terrain, part of the terrain goes invisible, it returns visible only saving and reloading the scene.
  • If you want to save your scene by using SaveAs you must put a .bin at the end of the filename that you choose.
  • The scene file will go always inside the main folder of your project, whatever you do.
  • You cannot create terrain 2 times in the same scene.
  • Sometimes vertex ambient occlusion on models isn't updated after computing
  • Slope parameter in paint layer doesn't work.
  • In the model/animation tool If you add a node not beloging to current selected mask to the list of lock nodes editor crashes.