S2ENGINE HD  1.4.6
Official manual about S2Engine HD editor and programming


S2ENGINE HD is the Next-Gen game engine from a indie to indies. Next-generation features and a complete visual editor will allow you to create high-quality video games without requiring extensive resources and large teams.

The new and constantly updated version of the engine is developed with a very clear goal in mind: to let people have full and easy access to AAA development. Physically Based Rendering, HDR, Visual Node-Based Scripting System, High-Quality Post Processing, All-In-One Editor are only some of the features you will find in this amazing product.

The Best choice for the modern indie game developers! Official site: www.s2powered.com

IDEAL FOR WHO WANTS TO PUBLISH GAMES ON STEAM S2ENGINE is highly optimized for running on PC Windows systems, so it is ideal if you want to use it for developing your AAA-quality game on steam.


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Deferred shading
  • Threaded, non-precomputed geometry occlusion culling system
  • Hardware instancing
  • Mesh LODS
  • Impostors
  • Particle systems
  • Terrain system
    1. Heightmap specialized rendering
    2. Dynamic LOD
    3. Texture splatting
    4. Vegetation system
    5. Roads system
  • Lighting system
    1. Dynamic lights
    2. Cascade shadow mapping with penumbra simulation
    3. Omnidirectional shadow mapping
    4. Spot shadow mapping
    5. Projective textures
    6. Image based lighting
    7. Local cube environment for both specular and diffuse reflections
    8. Global Dynamic specular cube environment for reflections
    9. Screen space global illumination (SSGI)
    10. Screen Space ambient occlusion (SSAO)
    11. Terrain Ambient occlusion (TAO)
    12. Realtime Local Reflections (RLR)
  • Shading
    1. Physically based BDRF shading
    2. NormalMapping
    3. Subsurface scattering and translucency
    4. Multilayered materials for micro and macro details
  • Ocean system
    1. Realistic Sea rendering with caustics
    2. FFT and Gerstner waves simulation
    3. Vertex displacement
    4. Localized coastal waves
    5. Foam simulation
    6. Underwater simulation
  • Sky
    1. Dynamic Sky rendering
    2. moon rendering
    3. Dynamic clouds with parametric covering level
    4. Atmosphere scattering
    5. 3d clouds via Particles
  • Special FX
    1. Dynamic night and day cycle
    2. Dynamic weather system
    3. Rain
    4. Wind
    5. thunders simulation
  • Post processing effects
    1. Depth of field
    2. Lens effects
    3. Color Levels correction
    4. Advanced Color contrast correction (Lift/Gain/Gamma)
    5. Sharpen
    6. Bloom
    7. Automatic exposure control
    8. Camera and objects motion blur
    9. Sun shafts a.k.a. "God rays"
    10. Screen space antialiasing


  • Bone based mesh skinning
  • Threaded animation system
  • Layered Animations
  • Animation 1d,2d blending
  • Animation masking


  • Rigid bodies
  • Vehicles
  • Ragdolls
  • Joints
  • Sweep test
  • Buoyancy


  • Modular
  • Helpers
    1. Tactical and cover points
    2. Path-finding waypoints
    3. Rich script library for controlling tactics
  • Steering behaviours
  • Automatic Terrain Path finding
  • Proprietary script language
  • GAMEMACHINE: A Visual Finite State Machine integrated tool (proprietary tool)
    1. Layered FSM
    2. One FSM per Game Object
    3. Graph Nodes are FSM states
    4. Current object state and transitions displayed at runtime
    5. Variables support
    6. States can play automatically animations
    7. Animation blending between states as states transitions
  • Integrated and advanced message system
    1. Messages can be delayed
    2. Messages can be processed and tested in-editor


  • Positional Audio
  • Distance attenuation
  • Music tracks blending
  • Volume and pitch control


  • Support for mouse
  • Support for keyboard
  • Support for XBOX pad


  • Editor built upon S2ENGINE integrated GUI system
  • Objects inspector
    1. Realtime Message handling
    2. Drag 'n drop object placing
    3. Drag 'n drop model assigning
    4. Drag 'n drop material assigning
  • Integrated Terrain tool
    1. Integrated Vegetation tool
    2. Integrated roads tool
  • Integrated material editor
  • Integrated script viewer
    1. External editor is accessible from viewer
  • Integrated night and day managing system
  • Integrated post processing effects tool
  • Integrated models and animations tool for managing/adjusting imported assets
  • Integrated cutscene editor
  • Integrated visual node-based scripting tool (GameMachine)
  • Project managing
    1. Runtime Application "publishing"
    2. Resources and assets managing
    3. Resource synchronization
    4. Assets browsers
    5. Assets inspectors
  • Multiple external 3d formats supported:
    1. COLLADA
    2. OBJ
    3. BLEND
    4. ASE
    5. 3DS
    6. Direct X
    7. FBX


  • Visual Studio C++ framework (PRO License)
    1. Can create new Editor plugins
    2. Can create new game packages with custom object classes
  • Integrated propretary scripting system
    1. No compile time needed
  • Integrated visual node based scripting system (GAME-MACHINE)


  • Dual core Intel/AMD processor or superior
  • ATI HD5000 series or superior, NVIDIA Geforce 500 series or superior
  • 4 GB RAM