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Special Guest!

During the last phase of S2 ENGINE HD development, we have made some experimentation with a model inspired by Gears Of War game, checking if our engine has enough rendering power to show the model just like Unreal engine. The results we leave you to judge…
Enjoy guys and stay tuned!!

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  1. NeoGeoAes says:

    Hi there! I’m the character artist who made this mode land who has worked with the creator of the S2 engine to” I’m not alone”! I think that the new features of the s2 engine are simply amazing and stunning, it is also very easy to use for us artists who are looking for a photorealistic graphics. Rock on, guys! 😉

    If you want, you can contact me at salvat.fiore@gmail.com or visit my site/blog http://strictlyforbidden.wordpress.com/


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