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Hi to all,I’m proud to announce that S2ENGINE HD 2018.1 is finally among us 🙂

As anticipated this version is a real milestone in the evolution of this engine.
A lot of improvements and changes has been included in this version.


Following are some of the main changes from previous 1.4.6 B9 version:

  • Redesigned editor GUI (much much more usable)
  • Load/Save game system
  • New proprietary texture format for better texture managment and rendering speedup
  • New atmospheric scattering system
  • 3D clouds!
  • Improved ocean system
  • Improved PBR shading system (standard Roughness/metal workflow)

  • Exporting building model feature in BuildingGenerator
  • Texture Atlas customization in BuildingGenerator

Following are some of the minor changes and detailed notes:

  • Added LoadGameState action in GameMachine
  • Added SaveGameState action in GameMachine
  • Added LoadGameState function in S2Script
  • Added SaveGameState function in S2Script
  • Added event GAME_LOADED in GameMachine
  • Added event GAME_SAVED in GameMachine
  • Added NewGame action in GameMachine
  • Added NewGame function in S2Script
  • Added serialize keyword in variable declaration in S2Script
  • Added variable serialize property in GameMachine
  • Replaced all the custom fileDialogs with windows system fileDialogs for opening/saving files
  • BugFix: Drop files fixed
  • Rigid body prefab now updates dims parameter if, created from scratch, its model parameter is set
  • EasyGamePack: PlayerCharacter receives EGP_SHOW_MENU, EGP_HIDE_MENU, EGP_SHOW_INVENTORY, EGP_HIDE_INVENTORY messages
  • EasyGamePack: Added ObjectsToAwakePerGoal_0…_9 parameters added to Mission object class
  • BugFix: Engine crashes when closing a scene with a terrain owning detail materials, and then opening another scene
  • BugFix: S2Script doesn’t check for duplicated global variables declarations
  • BugFix: S2Script doesn’t check for duplicated local variables declarations
  • Added LEVEL_LOADED event into GameMachine
  • BugFix: Fixed memory leak in AI PathFind processing
  • Added UpdateGICubemaps into ShowSwitch
  • Cubemap rendering now takes into account if an object is visible (including lights)
  • Selected joint into Modelviewport now is coloured in red
  • Added “Browse All…” button into NewProject dialog, for browsing all projects
  • Now Projects are inside “projects” Folder as default projects main directory
  • BugFix: Now the collision shape correctly fits the mesh when changing the object scaling values
  • Improved “exclude from selection” list: now you can select/unselect every single class item
  • BugFix: Now physics updates collision data when a mesh is rescaled
  • BugFix: Crash when it is selected an object from the “Add Track Dialog” and then add a key into the added track of a CUTSCENE.
  • BugFix: Crash when deleting a track for CUTSCENE and “Track Curve Viewport” is showed.
  • Added “GetCurrentCamera” action in GameMachine
  • Now GetCharacterVelocity works also for rigid-bodies (non-character)
  • Now Target parameter of “SetOrientationFromObject” and “SetPositionFromObject” can be assigned by variable
  • Bugfix: engine closes when a rigidbody has a dimension with value 0
  • BugFix: “GetWidgetIntValue” action isn’t instanced
  • bugFix: Slider “valScale” parameter doesn’t work. It has been replaced with “rangeMin” and “rangeMax” parameters
  • Bugfix: crash somtimes when deleting drag’n’drop an asset onto a sceneobject in the sceneviewport
  • Added TARGET_REACHED event in GameMachine
  • Bugfix: wrong folder selction from Project creation dialog when selecting the driver letter in which is located s2engine main folder
  • Bugfix: crash when click on “Adapt” button, inside AdaptToTerrain group, before assigning a material to a river or a road slot
  • BugFix: crash when renaming a prefab object inside prefab tool
  • BugFix: Cannot delete widgets when selected from GUI viewport
  • Added parameter “AmbientSaturate” into FX tool (used for desaturing ambient colors)
  • Added parameters “MinExpRange” and “MaxExpRange” for editing Exposure control limits
  • Added parameter “ReflShadowsDist” in FX tool, for shadowmap drawing distance into reflection cubemaps


Hoping you appreciate our efforts,
we wish you will be satisfied by this new engine incarnation.
As always
Enjoy and stay tuned!