S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 released

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S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 released

Today we have released the new S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 version.

We have greatly improved the editor user interface make it more user-friendly and professional.

We have also implemented a cutscene tool integrated into the editor and a tool for managing the game events (we called it game event tree).

Using these two new tools you can speed-up the process of creating game-logic: assume you want a cutscene starts when player enter a zone and after this cutscene enemies are actived against the player, with new tools you can do this in few minutes and without a line of code!!

The following is a complete list of major improvements you will find in this version:

  • Improved Editor Interface with a multi-view/multi-tools drag&drop system.
  • CutScene editor tool.
  • Added new script functions for cutscene managing: CSPlay(),CSStop(),CSPause(),CSIsPlaying(),CSGotoFrame(),CSGetDuration()
  • Added new script functions for keymap managing: AssignKey(), GetAssignedKey()
  • Event tree editor tool.
  • Key mapper integrated into the editor.
  • Improved water caustics.
  • Improved COLLADA support: added automatic copy of textures from source directory into S2Engine textures directory
  • Improved InputBox widget.
  • Add new delay parameter to SendMessage script functions.
  • Improved UNDO
  • Added Reflection multiplier material param.
  • Added possibility to transform directly model geometry.
  • Added possibility to invert faces of model geometry.
  • General Bugfix.
  • Some other minor improvements


Much more news are on the way…
Stay tuned!

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  1. mike felker says:

    In the new cutscene editor, how is character speech and lip sync handled?


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