New graphics level in S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0

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New graphics level in S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0

Hi guys,

In the last months I’ve just worked to the new S2ENGINE HD version for improving not only the editor capabilities but also the opengl rendering module.

The new rendering capabilities let S2ENGINE rendering ambient lighting for both specular and diffuse reflections:

  • I’ve added Realtime Local Reflections as screen space post processing effect
  • I’ve greatly improved Ambient Occlusion post processing effect
  • I’ve added local cube lighting using light probes and cubemap filtering for diffuse and specular reflections.
  • I’ve also added a special system for rendering cubemap reflections in realtime.

All is done in realtime and change basing on the time of the day.

In addiction the engine gives you a wide range of possibilities to configure all the effects basing on the power of your system.

In this article I would to show you the last results of my work.

I think they are impressive (don’t you?) and I hope you will enjoy this new version as soon as possible.

During the next weeks I’ll post other stuff (including one or more vidoes) until I’ll release the BETA.

These images refers to a new demo I’m preparing for both testing the new features and producing a complete basic FPS template.

The demo will be included in the engine package as optional license feature for all who haven’t bought the engine yet, for all the others the demo will be also sold separately.

This demo will include all models I’ve made during last months just like new trees, new plants and grass, new stones, metal racks, chairs and tables, washing machines, bottles, boxes, buildings, and other stuff useful for creating and populating a tipical FPS game level.

I’m also improving the FPS player control script in order to let parametrization without go inside script code.

I’m also investigating on the coding of particle effects like explosions, blood and water spray. I would like to include them inside the demo.

The next post I’ll describe also the other features of the new S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 version, expecially those regarding the editing tool, just like new projects and resources managing system.

So stay tuned and enjoy all the image I was able to include in this article!

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  1. Georges Paz says:

    Awesome updates, try to make a video showing all this new stuff. I keep an eye on your tech, it’s unfolding really nice. Don’t forget the achievement/item system! 😉

  2. Georges Paz says:

    Oh yeah, try to turn on AntiAliasing to the maximum on those images! XD

  3. mohammad says:

    very nice
    keep it up

  4. Dave says:

    Many thanks Fabio,A lot of work there.


  5. Fawaz says:

    In terms of graphics its among the best work done in the engine,

    I wish the focus changes into gameplay since this
    Engine is ready to produce games right? So serious effort needs to be
    to make (out-of-the-box) AI scripts like group of AI (can work as team)
    , smart AI using random tactics and tool bars to change AI values (aggresive,
    Defensive, long range or short range attacker..)

    Serious investment is needed for gameplay (buyers will pay for it!)

    • bugbuster says:

      You are right Fawaz. This is why I’ll take whole December (I’ve scheduled to release the 1.4.0 BETA at the end of November), and, if necessary, also january, to produce a complete FPS game demo with related tutorials.

  6. Edward Smith says:

    It sounds like a lot of good work. But the images really look like poor quality JPG.

    Please upload PNGs at 1960×1080

  7. PMax says:

    Complimenti per tutto , ottimo lavoro.

  8. Yusuf says:

    will the engine support (Global illumination)

  9. Keiyentai says:

    Nice looks amazing man. Can’t wait to start working with the current eval kit. Quick question do people/companies testing/evaling S2 get the new update? Just curious.

    • bugbuster says:

      Every time I release a new update I also release a trial version just as it is not only a trial but also a BETA for testing. People are free to send me their impressions or found bugs.

  10. omer says:

    finally some thing new ^^
    i like the light, it so good,and i hope you will upload new videos soon
    thank you

  11. Yusuf says:

    Hi ,
    when will you release the new version ?

  12. yusuf says:

    When will you release the new version

  13. Keiyentai says:

    Oh that is cool I never got a notification about this thread. If you need/want testers for 1.4.0 please sign me up. I love the simplicity but with 1.3.x (latest build) I can’t do anything really cause I think the engine thinks my GPU is a laptop model or something when I am using an AMD A-8 3870K Quadcore with a HD6550D APU set to use up to 3GB of RAM if needed then the defualt 512MB. If you could email me with info or anything that would be great man. Also if you need or want help with the FPS Demo I do 3D Art/Animation/SFX and need something to do and being able to play with an engine would just make it even more funner lol.

    • bugbuster says:

      I’m very happy you want/can help me in testing the engine. You system seems very good, so I would to do more tests on it. Don’t worry, This week end I’ll release the 1.4.0 version, but I want to release various minor updates or patches until 1.5.0 version expecially to solve compatibility problems. So very happy to receive your feedback during the month. 🙂

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