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S2ENGINE HD 1.4.6 B8 – Animation Splitting

In this tutorial I show how to split an animation containing more than one clip using the model editor tool. This feature is available from S2ENGINE HD 1.4.6 B8 version.

S2ENGINE HD 1.4.6 B7 – Animating vegetation

In this video tutorial I show how to animate a plant 3d model using s2engine editing tool.

S2ENGINE 1.4.6 – B8 – Importing a character from FUSE

This tutorial is divided into 4 parts. It explains how to export a character from MIXAMO FUSE and import it into S2ENGINE HD. Also it explains how to download animations from MIXAMO and import them into S2ENGINE HD for using them to animate the character. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4