S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 released

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S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 released

Hi guys,

I’m proud to announce that the new S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 update has been finally released!


Following are Major changes from previous version:

  • – Project Managing.
  • – New assets inspector.
  • – Texture viewer.
  • – Script viewer with the possibility to launch external editor from the S2Engine hd Editor.
  • – Vegetation Layer editor.
  • – Fonts Viewer/editor.
  • – Possibility to import/export assets and entire scenes from a project to another in few clicks.
  • – Realtime Local Reflections as screen space post processing effect.
  • – Greatly improved Ambient Occlusion post processing effect.
  • – Local cube lighting using light probes and cubemap filtering for diffuse and specular reflections.
  • – A new special system for rendering cubemap reflections in realtime.
  • – Screen Space Global illumination.
  • – Improved Model editor.
  • – Improved sea shader
  • – Fixed Decal splatting
  • – Minor bugs fix

For all users the new TRIAL version can be downloaded here.
Required password and username are the same as the previous update.

The BASIC license version download links will be sent to all BASIC license users via e-mail.

For all others, please follow the TRIAL order procedure by clicking on TRY NOW button of this blog menu.

Next days I’ll start changing the blog, the documentation and all S2ENGINE HD related online stuff in order to let be more comfortable to all S2ENGINE HD fans finding information about the product and how to use it.

Enjoy this new version and stay tuned guys!

Comments: 9

  1. Yusuf says:

    6 month for waiting & i think it worth it by this feature .

    than you Fabio 🙂

    nice work

  2. mohammad says:

    very nice i wish you the best with the release

  3. Omer says:

    congratulion to all of us
    soon “ensha allah” i will buy it

  4. vahab says:

    After engine is installed and running, the following message is displayed and engine will not run

  5. VAHAB says:

    After engine is installed and running, the following message is displayed and engine will not run

  6. bugbuster says:

    Don’t worry.
    The last TRAIL version package has a known error in a dll file. A new installation will be uploaded soon.
    What are you system specs?

  7. dasdsaddadas says:

    this engine is better than unity3d.
    for me

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