RELEASE NOTES Version 2019.1.5

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RELEASE NOTES Version 2019.1.5


  • [NEW] Added possibility to choose the axis of alignment when checking the “align to world” object placing option
  • [BUG FIXED] Crash when selecting an object by picking it from Object pick dialog and after remove it from the picked objects list and press OK on the pick dialog
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Now “Targets” parameter of SetFlags action can be a variable.
  • [BUG FIXED] when editing keyframes in cutscene curve editor, new keyframe values aren’t updated into keyframe parameter group of Cutscene tool
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Now “Targets” parameter of SetObjectParam action can be a variable.
  • [BUG FIXED] Sometimes floating dialog boxes are partially hidden by the interface below
  • [BUG FIXED] If you select an object owning a game machine and the game machine graph viewport is visible, if you then select the GUI viewport and hide the scene viewport, if you then select GUI root widget from widgets list tool, then if you inspect the gameMachine of the GUI and then select the scene viewport, if you finally run the game test engine crashes
  • [BUG FIXED] If a particle system is marked as “local” and it is attached to another object, it disappears when camera rotates at certain angles
  • [IMPROVEMENT] General rendering speed-up of about 15-20%
  • [BUG FIXED] Crash when re-importing a model and ModelViewport is visible and contains the model begin re-imported
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Now the “create new project” dialog always starts from “projects” default folder, avoiding the project in project creation.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added memory page bounds check in FS Memory Allocator for avoiding invalid allocations that cause crashes.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Non-emitting light particle system materials now can be animated
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Speeding-up particle systems rendering
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved particle systems rendering (soft particles)
  • [NEW] New Animation blending during transitions in gameMachine
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improved cutscene track and curve editors
  • [NEW] New Animator and Animator3d object classes
  • [NEW] New parameter “curve” in vec3Animate and floatAnimate GameMachine actions
  • [BUG FIXED] In editor, When starting game in fullscreen, the scene viewport is drawed 2 times causing strange behaviour of some GUI widgets.
  • [BUG FIXED] Configuration cannot be changed into the published aplication runtime
  • [BUG FIXED] Presets aren’t loaded into the published application runtime
  • [BUG FIXED] Not all resolutions are listed when loading cofiguration (editor and runtime)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added “Render Quality” parameter into S2Configuration.exe application.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added “tooltip” text to combobox editor interface controls.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Added a small delay to tooltip display
  • [NEW] Added “RefreshQualitySettings” action in GameMachine
  • [BUG FIXED] After updating the game machine of a GUIObject the GUI widgets hierarchy is lost.


  • [BUG FIXED] Pillar texture parameter of Ground floors has wrong default max value (must be 3)


  • [BUG FIXED] Fixed Explosion splinters prefab that causes crashes if instanced repeatedly
  • [NEW] Added parameter “batteryDischargeAtStart” into PlayerCharacter class
  • [NEW] Added “Render Quality” option into game GUI menu