RELEASE NOTES version 2019.1.3

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RELEASE NOTES version 2019.1.3


  • [IMPROVEMENT] When you clone a object hierarchy with a single parent object, Only the parent of the cloned object is selected improving placement
  • [BUG FIXED]  After restarting level, somteimes framerate is not well synchronized (frame stuttering).
  • [BUG FIXED] UV coordinates layout debug layer into ModelViewport is inverted on V axis
  • [BUG FIXED] pos, rot, sca parameters into prefab editor not updated into scene instances when changed
  • [BUG FIXED] GUI editor viewport does not refresh when switching from another viewport


  • [BUG FIXED] Pillar texture parameter has wrong default max value (must be 3)
  • [BUG FIXED] When trying to save a Building preset, engine crashes.


  • [BUG FIXED]  Zombies walk animation shakes when in wandering state