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RAYLIGHT Xrayunwrap

Today I would like to draw your attention on a clever, ingenious 3dsmax plugin made by my friends in Raylight. It is one of the most powerful (maybe the best) unwrappers available for the Autodesk package.

Here is a youtube video that show What can be done with this plugin:

This is the official press directly from Raylight:

3ds Max Plug-in – Quicker, Easier, Cheaper

Raylight offers its Xrayunwrap 1.5 tools for quicker and easier rendering with 3ds Max

Italy’s leading independent games developer, Raylight, today announced that their Xrayunwrap 1.5 toolset is now available for purchase. Designed specifically as a plug-in for 3ds Max, Xrayunwrap provides the user unprecedented improvements in speed, ease of use and real-time options, all to help increase the pipeline work speed.

Xrayunwrap, the automatic UV unwrapping plug-in, features: redesigned interface – fully integrated inside uvw unwrap modifier, faster unwrap speed and Live Unwrap – you select your edges and see the results in real-time. Xrayunwrap also works on any primitive (no more editable poly restriction) packing functionality, seams can be edited inside uvw unwrap modifier, sub-object unwrapping and map seam flags are preserved within instanced unwrap.

Available for direct download from the Raylight website, www.raylightgames.com/tools , Xrayunwrap is one of the most competitively priced plug-ins for 3ds Max at €12.99. Customers of Xrayunwrap 1.0 can purchase the upgrade to 1.5 for €5.99.

Massi Di Monda, CEO and Co-founder of Raylight said; “Xrayunwrap comes from continual developments of our internal technology. Throughout this year, we’re actively promoting our technology to existing and aspiring games developers, starting last month with the promotion for our Blueroses 3D mobile engine trial for developers working on the Samsung Bada OS. Raylight is a founding member of the Italian Videogame Developers association and we are at the forefront of pushing the Italian development community upwards to compete globally, and providing access to our tech helps this cause. Raylight is now raising its profile in overseas markets, so it makes sense to offer this technology to everyone. Xrayunwrap has helped Raylight produce higher quality games through shorter production schedules and it is technology of which we’re very proud.

The objective of our promotions is primarily to put our technology in the hands of developers and publishers so they can experience the quality and speed of our products whilst at the same time, helping smaller developers make better games which benefits the industry overall.”

For purchase, information and demo videos please visit www.raylightgames.com.

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Raylight S.r.l.
Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames developer based in Napoli. Established in 2000 by Francesco Paduano, Massimiliano Di Monda and Fausto Cardone, the goal of the founders was to create a new reality for the creation and development of high quality videogames: a new reference point in the game industry.

Raylight became an official Nintendo GameBoy Color developer, and in 2001, an official developer for GameBoy Advance. In recent years, Raylight’s reputation has soared thanks to the development of their Blueroses engine and tools, and the development of the highly acclaimed Wing Commander Prophecy on the Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

At present, Raylight is the leading independent Italian videogames development studio with dozens of games released all over the world, on a wide range of platforms for international publishers. Visit www.raylightgames.com for more information.

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