New S2ENGINE HD 1.03.07 released

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New S2ENGINE HD 1.03.07 released

Hi guys,

Recently I’ve worked a lot for improving the 1.03.00 build.
I’ve released step by step small updates until the newest 1.03.07 version.

You can find it on the WIKI update page:

TRIAL update: https://www.s2powered.com/MEDIAWIKI/mediawiki-1.16.0/index.php?title=TrialUpdates

BASIC update: https://www.s2powered.com/MEDIAWIKI/mediawiki-1.16.0/index.php?title=Updates

Here are a list of the major of the improvements from the 1.03.01 version:

– Editor: input focus of application window fixed.
– Editor: Added new LightBeam and StaticLightBeam objects
– Editor: Stock objects attaching fixed
– Editor: Added sphere,cube,cylinder base objects
– Editor: ScriptedAction and ScriptedEvent destroying crash fixed.
– Render: LOD blending fixed
– Editor: Folders path in browser added.
– Editor: Daytime editing after 0:00 time fixed.

– Script: Added subtree param in SetNodeFlags() and ResetNodeFlags() script functions.
– Script: GetNodeFlag() function added.
– Script: Deprecated SetTime() and ResetTime() functions.
– Script: getObjectScriptParam() function added.
– Editor: SetLevelParam Action added in EventHandler tool.
– Editor: Select objects table bugfixes.
– Editor: ScriptedEvent and ScriptedAction added into EventHandler tool.
– Editor: TreeListBox scroll bugfix.
– Editor: Daytime track tool bugfix.
– Editor: Fixed crash when inspect a model of a stock object.
– Editor: Fixed bug in selection list when trying to delete an object that cannot be deleted.
– Editor: Fixed bug when Stock object is cloned.

AssImp library integration for importing assets
– Recompiled using Visual Studio Express 2008
Improved Depth Of Field Shader
– Minor Bugfix

– 8×8 Kilometers terrain (only for BASIC license, TRIAL limited to 500×500 meters terrain, just like fps demo).
– Terrain creation and saving bugfix.
– Scripts can be parametrized.
– Autosaving.
– Popup menu for inspecting resource directly from class param panel.
– Particle system trails bugfix.
– Fixed sporadical crashes when resizing panels and/or loading levels.
– Fixed crash when trying to insert a road without assigning a material.
– Added new script funcions.
– Added new events/actions for event tree editor.
– Improved Collada importing (expecially regarding texture importing).
– heightmap importing.
– Improved ColorDialog.
– Improved Sun shadowing for far objects and terrain.
– Reduced memory usage for vegetation layers.
– Texture layer painting speed-up.
– Fixed multiselection BUG inside object selection list.
– Keymap assigment bug fixed.

Some shots extracted from the work in progress demo of the coming FPS Kit running with 1.03.07 version:

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