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Hi guys,

I’m proud to announce that game studio “XeniosVision” is developing a survival horror called “BlackSoul” powered by S2Engine HD.
The following is the official press from indieDB:

Hi,we’re a small team based in Rome, Italy, and what you can see here is BlackSoul.

October, 1970. Somewhere in the english countryside an infection broke out. Quarantine is the only solution: no one enters, no one leaves. What’s happening? You’ll have to find all the answers. Ava is a beautiful reporter, too young and reckless: she’s a working girl, she wants to know. Sean is a detective that drinks too much. He’s looking for his sister, she could be in danger. Lead them to the truth.


The game
BlackSoul is an interesting mix between survival horror and graphic adventure gameplay. Who didn’t love Resident Evil or Silent Hill? Frightening atmoshpere, claustrophobic scenes, strong feeling to be in danger. You will face up infected people, choose your weapon carefully… you won’t have infinite ammo, so don’t waste it. We are working hard to make scenes more realistic and dreadful:

But only action wasn’t enough, people like challenge…so why not? Survival horror with puzzles! Making some great puzzles like if it was a graphic adventure: a right challange for the player, not too difficult, but nothing like to “push the button to open the door”.

That’s how we think of BlackSoul.

The engine
BlackSoul uses S2 Engine HD powered by Profenix Studio. S2 allows us to make scene entirely in 3D and to optimize the use of lighting effect, as you can see below:

You can find more info and screenshots  at:


Stay Tuned guys!


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