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RAYLIGHT Xrayunwrap

Today I would like to draw your attention on a clever, ingenious 3dsmax plugin made by my friends in Raylight. It is one of the most powerful (maybe the best) unwrappers available for the Autodesk package.

S2ENGINE HD BUILD 02 released.

Finally we have also released the commercial license of the new S2ENGINE HD build . All S2ENGINE HD users can dowload it on the wiki update page

S2ENGINE HD Build 02 TRIAL Released

Finally we have released the trial version of the S2ENGINE HD BASIC Build 02. If you are interested into trying the engine you can request it on profenix site . It’s free.

S2ENGINE toward realism

As anticpated in the previous post during the last two weeks I have worked in order to speed-up engine fill rate optimizing shaders and reducing texture bandwidth requirements.  One big problem was the G-buffer dimension. Until now I used 4 x 64bit buffers + depth: this is too much if I want the engine run …


In the last week I have worked night and day to a new frustrum culling system. I’ve radically changed my previous approach and the results are unbelievable!  The major problem of the previous method was the fact that when too many objects were in camera field of view (panoramic views) the frame rate drops in …

On the road

Just today we have worked to improve the roads system. On huge terrains roads become an important aspect of scene modelling, so it is necessary to have a powerful tool that simplify roads creation and managing.

What you will find in the new build?

We have started working on the new build about two months ago. We haven’t be able to release the April build ’cause we have decided to add some new important features that have required more than 1 month. We are sorry with all s2engine comunity…

S2 ENGINE HD finally released!!

After more than 2 years of development PROFENIX STUDIO is pleased to announce the releasing of S2 ENGINE HD 1.0 BASIC Editon, a powerful, next-gen game development kit for PC windows platform. S2 ENGINE HD has been designed to quickly become a new reference point for PC platform Indipendent game developers. Great quality at competitive …

Special Guest!

During the last phase of S2 ENGINE HD development, we have made some experimentation with a model inspired by Gears Of War game, checking if our engine has enough rendering power to show the model just like Unreal engine. The results we leave you to judge…