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First BlackSoul location video

XeniosVision guys have posted a new video on IndieDB. Pierluigi says: “Hi, here the first BlackSoul demonstration video. What you can see in the video is the cemetery

BlackSoul new video

XeniosVision guys have posted a video showing BlackSoul editing in action. PierLuigi, XeniosVision coder, says: “Hi,┬ásome poeple asked me in these


Hi guys, I’m proud to announce that game studio “XeniosVision” is developing a survival horror called “BlackSoul” powered by S2Engine HD. The following is the official press from indieDB:

New S2ENGINE HD 1.03.07 released

Hi guys, Recently I’ve worked a lot for improving the 1.03.00 build. I’ve released step by step small updates until the newest 1.03.07 version.

S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 released

Today we have released the new S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 version.

What you will find in the new build 03?

In September I’m working on the new 1.03.00 version. The key feature I’m working on is the cutscene tool. This tool gives you the possibility to create realtime game cinematic cutscenes using the engine rendering power.

The Last Update Before Summer Holidays

Hi guys, I’m out of office until 31 August 2011. All BASIC License orders or TRIAL requests will be processed from 1th September 2011. BUT I leave you with a lot of news:

New Versioning System

We are working on a new patch than will be released on monday. This is the second patch after the second build. This fact has convinced us that a new versioning system is needed. From today we will call all new versions with 3 numbers separated by dot:

A Foggy Day

Since yesterday I’ve worked on a couple of shaders responsible of fog & atmosphere rendering. From the release of the new build I’ve noticed some problems into setting correctly the fog: increasing the extinsion factor just a bit affects the sky color too much and details like clouds easly disappear, this wasn’t acceptable.