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S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0: import object asset

Hi guys, we have just published a new video tutorial that explains how to import one of object configurations furnished with installation package inside a previously created project.

Quick Start With S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 – part 3 (VIDEO)

Hi guys, we have made a video based on the previous Quick start part 3 tutorial.

Quick Start With S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 – part 3

Today we will show how to import a static model from external packages, how to assign it to a scene object and how to save object configuration for re-using it.

Quick Start With S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 – part 2

In the previous tutorial we showed how to create a new project from scratch, how to create a new scene in the project and how to start working with terrains. In this tutorial we’ll show how to manage texture resources and add base texture to our terrain.

Import an old scene into new project

In this tutorial I’ll show how to import a scene made with old S2ENGINE HD 1.03.00 version inside a project created with S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0.

Quick start with S2ENGINE HD 1.4.0 – part 1

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a new project and starting to develop it. First click on “NewProject…” button in the “File” menu, as showed into the following image.

Weather control in 1.04.00

Hi guys, I’ve just posted on Youtube a new video that shows how to create a transition between clear and stormy weather that runs during the gameplay only when a particular event happens (for example when player enters a volume…).

TUTORIAL: Instantiating objects by script

We have released a small tutorial about how to write a script for instantiating barrel rigid bodies “on the fly” by clicking a key.

S2ENGINE 1.3.0: Export Collada From Max

Hi guys, In this video tutorial I’ll explain how to export a Collada file from Max and import it into S2ENGINE HD 1.3.0. Enjoy and Stay Tuned!